In the fall of 2000 a series of events was set in motion. We met, we didn’t date, we didn’t fall in love. But eventually all of those things and more came to be. Now 20 years later we have a collection of stories, experiences and struggles that continue to define who we are, what we are and how our love and life grow. One thing that has always held true is the strength of our connection. We have always felt that despite distance, decisions and struggles that the love we share has been “louder” than anything.

This is a “lifestyle” blog, one that we hope will allow us to share our life and love with others. Things aren’t always perfect. We aren’t always perfect. Our story isn’t always perfect, but it’s ours and we love it. For reasons unknown to us, but that we are extremely grateful for our love for one another has roared louder than any demon that has come our way.

We are Josh and Kate. Josh is a teacher and self proclaimed nerd. Kate does everything; she is a stay at home mom, coach, singer, makeup artist, voice teacher, home renovator, and the list goes on.  We try to work hard in all aspects of our lives. We have two amazing kids G, 8 and M, 6. Two fur babies, Rylie and Logan.